Tickled Pink

A Journal About Me and My Dolls

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I'm a military wife who loves to sew, create mixed media art and sterling silver jewerly.

I have an etsy store where I sell my doll clothing, Tickled Pink. I also have a zazzle shop where I sell women's tshirts, keychains, mugs and other things featuring my original Blythe photography.

I have a weakness for vintage fabrics, chocolate, dolls (of course) and anything kawaii. I live in California with my Hubby, 3 dogs (2 Jack Russell Terriers, 1 Chocolate Lab mix and a kitty).

I started collecting dolls in June 2007 and since that my collection has grown by leaps and bounds!!!!! My collection includes: Blythe, Hujoo, Tiny Betsy McCall, Odeco, Wanda Wonderfrog, Moof, Vintage Susie Sad Eyes, Vintage Strawberry Shortcake, Vintage Tutti, Pinky St, Figumates and a Lati

I'm totally into Edgar Allen Poe, Jackson Pollack and Vincent Van Gogh!

Other Places to find me are:

Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/juliegivesaflick/
Etsy Shop: http://plasticbabyz.etsy.com
My Blog: http://julie-tickledpink.blogspot.com/
Blythe Network: http://www.blythenetwork.com/profile/TickledPinkJulie
My Email: julie@tickledpinkdollfashions.com